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Making Celestial Navigation Easy!

EZ Celestial LLC has been making celestial navigation easy since 2011. Our flagship products ezSights, ezAlmanac, and ezLunars have been revolutionary in both performing celestial navigation and teaching it as it has been done for 100's of years.  Our latest products, ezNA, ezAlmanacOne and ezLunarsOne, combine the best features of our legacy apps into 3 great products with modern user interfaces designed to work on all screen sizes and platforms.


EZ Celestial software is fully functional with no network data connection.  Astronomical calculations and table generation are performed internally using the NOVAS 3.1 vector astronomy software from the USNO and a JPL ephemeris covering the years 1960-2059.  For the compass check functions, ezAlmanacOne computes magnetic declination for the current location using WMM 2020, the latest world magnetic model provided by  NOAA.

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