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Our books are available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon, and digital  iBooks are also available from Apple.  All are now free to download using the links below!

Practical Navigation

What if you could take a voyage with an ancient mariner and have him teach you the navigation skills he has acquired over a lifetime of sailing? Now you can. Come along with Nick de Munnik as he explains basic navigation fundamentals and shows you how to use them for coastal, electronic and celestial navigation.

The author's conversational and easy to understand descriptions include extensive diagrams and examples, making all aspects of boat navigation seem intuitive. This book is a ‘must have’ for the new boater and a great reference for the seasoned sailer.

Building on the navigational skills covered in the coastal and electronic navigation sections, the celestial navigation section is second to none. Nick developed this for his celestial navigation courses and it continues to be used as class materials in celestial navigation courses today.

The celestial navigation section is included in both the ezAlmanacOne and ezNA apps.

2024 NA Cover.jpg
Nautical Almanac

Complete Nautical Almanac including all daily pages for one year, the Pole Star Tables, and all interpolation and correction tables available in the official Nautical Almanac.  Everything you need to find the GHA and Declination of the observed body and correct your sextant altitude observation  (Hs) and produce the observed altitude (Ho) need for the sight reduction.

Note that it does NOT include other sections of the official Nautical Almanac not mentioned above (detailed explanations, concise sight reduction tables, etc.).

This book is compiled from pages that are generated and can be output/printed from the ezAlmanacOne app.

If you don't have the app or just want a pre-printed Nautical Almanac as a backup on a passage, this book is an economical version of the same data you will find in the USNO or commercial version of the Nautical Almanac.

Detailed Solutions

First things first. If you don’t already have “100 Problems in Celestial Navigation” by Leonard Gray, please pick it up.  Mr. Gray does a great job of laying out the scenarios as if you are actually on the voyage and provides a lot of great details on planning your sights.  You will be busy for months working through these problems and be ready to be a navigator for Columbus when you are done!
That being said, Mr. Gray gives absolutely NO information on HOW to solve the problems. His book is like a celestial navigation test with all of the problem details and an answer key. The answer key consists of the expected fix and a statement about its reliability. If your solution doesn’t match, where did you go wrong?

“Detailed Solutions” is the work you need to show to get full credit on the test. It fills in all the data between the problem and solution in a format consistent with solving the problem by hand. Each solution consists of a 1-page summary of the inputs and outputs, a graph of the resulting LOPs showing the fix, and a completed plotting form for each sight showing every value you will use from the Nautical Almanac and Pub. 229.

All pages of the solution are calculated and output from the ezAlmanacOne app. The output is to plotting sheets and sight reduction forms as developed and explained by Nick de Munnik in his book “Practical Navigation Illustrated”.

2024 LS Cover.jpg
NA Lunar Supplement

Lunars are easy when you have the pre-computed lunar distances!

This book has an entire year of pre-computed lunar distances - up to six of the best objects to use each day with distances at 3-hour intervals. It includes all other tables necessary to do lunars just like the ancient navigators of the 1800's.


Forms and full instructions for using the tables are included.  Easily clear the lunar distance and compute Greenwich time with pencil, paper and NO calculator.

This book is compiled from pages that are generated and can be output/printed from the ezLunarsOne app.

If you don't have the app or just want a pre-printed set of tables as a backup on a passage, this book is for you.

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