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I Need Your Reviews!

I exchange email with customers all the time and I KNOW that you LOVE my apps.  Let others know by writing a review on the App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store and you will be rewarded with an app of your choice!


Just write a review on the store you purchased from (just a line or two is fine), then send an email to and let me know what app you want.  I will promptly send an email back (… give me a day or two) with a promo code to install the chosen app.


Already have all of the apps you need?  Write a review and get one for a friend.  Got the iOS version but not Android? Write a review and have it on all your mobile devices.  Been thinking about picking up ezLunarsOne? Write a review and get it for free!

For a limited time I have added ezNA to the list of eligible apps. So you can buy ezNA for $10, review it, then get a promotional code for one of the $30 apps!


Eligible apps are:


- ezAlmanacOne for iPhone/iPad

- ezLunarsOne for iPhone/iPad

- ezNA for iPhone/iPad

- ezAlmanacOne for Android Phone/Tablet

- ezLunarsOne for Android Phone/Tablet

- ezNA for Android Phone/Tablet

- ezAlmanac for Windows


None of the stores allow you to write a review for an app installed with a promo code, so you will be limited to one free app for each paid app you have.


All of my books are available for free in PDF versions. If you chose to get a paper version from Amazon, please do leave a review there too.  For that I will give you a big THANK YOU.

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